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Schwarz slams ‘disgraceful’ tanking era at Melbourne, says it ‘doesn’t make sense’

Melbourne legend David Schwarz has slammed his former club as more allegations around tanking coming to light.

According to a Herald Sun investigation, the footy department at Melbourne were directed not to win more than four games in 2009 in order to obtain a priority draft pick.

Other allegations include sending players in for early-season surgery and keeping players on the bench during matches despite not being serious injured.

A seven-month AFL investigation in 2013 cleared the club of tanking, despite being fined $500,000 at the time.

Schwarz, who played 173 games for the club, told Macquarie Sports Radio he was left incensed by his club’s conduct during the infamous 2009 season.

“There was a lot of stuff going on to protect Melbourne from winning games,” he said.

“I just feel sorry for the players who missed out on games because they were trying to protect not winning four games so they could get a priority picks or better draft picks.

“It doesn’t make any sense now but we all knew (it was happening) anyway.”

Schwarz says he feels sorry for the late former coach Dean Bailey, who “wasn’t given the opportunity” to win games during the season in question.

“He was a great person for the footy club,” he said.

“But he wasn’t given the opportunity to able to deliver to the fans of the Melbourne Football Club competitive football.

“It was a disgraceful period for the footy club, tanking doesn’t get you anywhere and in fact, it’s set the club back.

“It’s almost been an epidemic at the club since (2009), it’s been really hard to wash it away.”

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