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Scott Lucas gives an update on Jacob Townsend and Tom Langdon

The manager of Jacob Townsend and Tom Langdon has provided an update on two of his sought after clients ahead of next week’s trade period. Scott Lucas, of Phoenix Sports management has a few clients looking for new homes, but Langdon and Townsend are the most high profile .

Jacob Townsend 

The Premiership Tiger is looking for other opportunities after playing just 10 games for the season. The rumour mill was in overdrive and reports suggested that  Townsend had met with the Saints, but his manager, Scott Lucas refuted those claims.

“I did hear read about that with interest, it is not really the case. I was watching a broadcast that said he had met with the Saints. I can confirm that is not the case.”

“He hasn’t met with the Saints at all.”

Listen to Scott’s comments on Jacob Townsend


Tom Langdon 

The Pies defender is coming off a near best on ground performance in the Grand Final, yet he doesn’t have a contract for next season. Reports suggested he was offered $600,000 a year from Fremantle, where he would team up with his little brother Ed. Scott Lucas didn’t deny there was interest from other clubs.

“We have received an offer for Tom, from Collingwood. So that is now something for Tom to consider.”

Lucas says that Langdon has had a look elsewhere while waiting for a contract.

“We have had a chat to other clubs though, there has been interest for Tom.”

Listen to Scott’s comments on Tom Langdon