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‘Scrap AFLX’ to pay for an AFL score review system which isn’t ‘a joke’


The AFL’s score review system has been described by one insider as “a joke” amid startling revelations of unqualified and inexperienced operators controlling one of the game’s most critical and most controversial practices.

3AW Football’s Tom Morris reports that AFL score review operators are paid just $250 a week and, in most cases, are not former umpires but rather AFL staffers moonlighting on the weekend with little or no senior umpiring experience.

Former Melbourne Demons star David ‘Ox’ Schwarz says a multi-billion dollar business like the AFL can’t scrimp and save on something as important as the integrity of scoring.

“I’m not for one moment saying it’s easy, I’m not for one moment saying that it’s not going to be expensive, but if you’re going to invest don’t just invest a measly amount, go the whole way, get as close to the best results as you can so there is a consistent finding in each review,” The Ox said.

Schwarz says the AFL must divert money to building a proper score review system and highlights some obvious cost savings to help fund the system’s construction.

“Scrap the AFLX, get rid of all these international junkets, put some money into things which directly correlate with the result of matches,” he said.

Co-host Matt Granland, filling in for Mark Allen, is equally incensed by the sloppiness of the AFL’s disastrous score review system.

“I can’t believe the slap-dash manner in which they’ve set this up and has been set up for a number of years,” he said.

“Spend the money, make it as best as you can,”

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