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Sham Dunk! Fans fume over ‘unacceptable’ seating setup for the basketball at Marvel Stadium

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

Basketball fans have been left fuming over the set-up at Marvel Stadium on Thursday night where Australia was taking on USA in a pre-World Cup friendly.

Some spectators needed binoculars just to see, others were forced to watch the TV screens to get a good view of the action, and others found themselves looking into the back of people’s heads with seats not elevated.

Even the VIP section was a let down for some, with Australian actor Russell Crowe saying people who decided to watch from home had made a “good decision”.

The seating problems came on the back of many fans already being annoyed about star players withdrawing from the game.

People paid hundreds of dollars for tickets and while 51, 218 fans attended the much-hyped match, but many left disappointed.

But Courier Mail writer Greg Davis doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

“If you’re paying $1,500 for a ticket, you’d expect to do a bit of research into what the conditions would be,” he said.

“I’m not too sure what people expected, there’s a basketball court inside the middle of an enormous football stadium.

“The view was always going to be a bit obstructed, it was never going to be a prime venue for basketball.

“I’m embarrassed about all this whinging to be honest, people should have known what they were getting in for.

“We’re in a football stadium you idiots, what did you expect.”

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Piggy, Levy & Jimmy