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Shaw: It’s been an embarrassing week for the AFL

Levy & Riddell

1990 Collingwood premiership captain Tony Shaw says the AFL’s  has been left “embarrassed” by the past week.

After Mason Cox was offered a one-game ban by Match Review Officer Michael Christian over the weekend, his ban was downgraded to a $3000 fine by the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday night.

It’s led to confusion about the AFL’s mooted crackdown on punches and prohibitive contact and what constitutes a suspension.

But Shaw told Macquarie Sports Radio he was left less than impressed by the events of this week.

“It is shocking, the last week was pretty embarrassing for the code,” he said.

“If (Mason Cox) was going to be suspended for that, our game was going in a direction you don’t want to take it.

“The week before, there were two off the ball incidents where players got fines, both of those times I thought they were going to get suspended because they brought in (harsher) adjudication on off-the-ball incidents during the pre-season.

“Michael Christian is a former teammate of mine but he had a shocker and a bad day at the office.

“That was embarrassing.”

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