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‘They’re gone, they won’t play finals now’: Shaw’s blunt Demons assessment

Melbourne’s miserable start to the season has worsened after they suffered a 43 point thrashing at the hands of Tigers on Anzac Eve.

The Dees could only manage 6 goals in a listless performance and it’s prompted AFL legend Tony Shaw to issue a blunt assessment of their performance.

“They’re gone, they won’t play finals now,” Shaw tells Levy and Riddell on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“They are only a shadow of what they were last year, top 4 last year, get to a preliminary final, now they have just gone right off the boil,

“There’s a lot of questions being asked about their preseason, blokes coming back underdone,

“But it’s even the style that they’re playing, the pressure they had last year ins’t there, they can’t connect from their midfield to their forward line, and their backline gets scored against so easily,

“It’ll be one of the biggest turn arounds in AFL history for the Dees to play finals.”

The Demons have been marred by injury over the first six rounds while also dealing with a backlog of players recovering from off-season surgery and the impact this has on their list appears to have forced the club to rush players back.

“Come on, you’re a professional unit, if they’ve had their operations you don’t play them until they’re right,” Shaw said.

“I don’t understand it, each individual has to look after themselves and them become an integral part of the team,

“If that’s happening in the modern game, geez, someone needs a kick in the backside in their performance department,

“It’s probably one of the biggest falls from grace I’ve seen from a team in a short period of time.”

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