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“She should be fired just for those comments”: Jeremy Paul implores Raelene Castle to go

Former Wallaby Jeremy Paul has declared Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle should be fired after comments she made this week, revealing just how out of touch she truly is from the game.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio‘s Halftime show with James Willis earlier this week, Castle dismissed the claims that Australian Rugby is in a bad place, believing that it is in fact prospering.

“Rugby in this country is strong right across the board and we should be celebrating all the good things that is happening in it,” Castle said.

Castle’s comments revealed to Paul that the CEO is not in touch with the game at all, and that we would be better off without her, most notably in our pathways programs.

“She should be fired just for those comments, seriously. It just shows that disconnection we have especially with our pathways as well,” Paul said.

“What I love about the other sports is that they have infiltrated into our pathways. You have to take your hat off to the AFL because they’ve gotten into the private school system and it’s incredible how they have infiltrated these big Rugby schools where Union has had all their talent for so long.”

Paul also questioned the news that the next Wallabies coach had already been found, after it was reported that Dave Rennie has been penciled in to be the next man to lead Australia.

“It just seems we are going from bad to worse, to unbelievable. What’s with organisations having these already made plans before things have panned out? We knew that Rugby Australia were obviously going to look for candidates, but I didn’t think they were going to make a a decision already,” Paul said.

“I just find it fascinating that an organisation would have already made this decision before the World Cup even finished. It just really reflects how poor we are right now.”

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