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“Should he be competing? Not if he’s failed a drug test in the past” Julie McDonald’s hard stance on Sun Yan

Earlier this morning Australian swimmer Mack Horton made his thoughts on Chinese star Sun Yang crystal-clear when he refused to share the winners podium at the FINA World Championships with the convicted drug cheat. 

Sun edged out the Australian by 0.73 seconds to take home gold and has since accused Horton of “disrespecting China” by not shaking his hand after the contest. 

Julie McDonald won bronze at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and she joined James Willis on Halftime to discuss the incident.

While McDonald thinks “it’s an interesting debate” on whether Sun should compete or not, she ultimately believes that if you have failed a drug test in the past, you should not compete again. 

When asked if Mack Horton should have taken the extreme stand that he did McDonald brought up her experiences with East German athletes in the late 80s.

“I certainly stood beside the East Germans when I’d know that they’d been cheating,” McDonald said.

“I think stand up there with grace and dignity, knowing you’ve done it the right way.

“I think he should have shown respect to the medal he did win.”

Images: Quinn Rooney via Getty Images.


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