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Simon Hill demands answers from FFA over Matildas scandal


Fox Football commentator Simon Hill is calling for action from the FFA in the wake of the Matildas coaching scandal which is threatening to rip the organisation apart.

News of the scandal first broke 12 days ago when the FFA called a press conference to announce Alen Stajcic’s contract would be terminated.

It was set to be over alleged cultural and environmental issues arising from data collected from surveys conducted within the organisation.

That’s despite in excess of 10 Matildas publicly announcing they were disappointed in Stajcic’s decision and that they supported the approach of the former coach.

With Stajcic sacked just five months out from the World Cup – it’s left the Matildas in disarray – and that’s despite Stajcic carrying the national team through one of the most successful periods in their football history.

Hill says it’s time for answers.

“The issue for me is and I’m sure for Alen Stajcic is that he doesn’t know what he’s done wrong,” Hill said.

“Nobody else knows what he’s done wrong and in the meantime and in that vacuum is a whole lot of speculation which is essentially trashing his character which can’t be right.

“I don’t think this is going to go away for the FFA until they come out with something more definitive than they have done already.

“I know they’d love this to go away but I just don’t think it is going to.

“It’s a very unfortunate situation because the one area of football that was going really well – and we’ve got a lot of problems at the moment – but it was the Matildas.

“And it just seems that we’ve taken a double barrelled shot gun yet again and shot ourselves in the foot.”

Stajcic is reportedly unaware of the allegations by the FFA which resulted in him being sacked according to The Australian’s Chief Soccer writer Ray Gatt.

“12 days on he doesn’t know, I don’t know, the fans don’t know and I doubt some of the FFA board members even really know to be honest,” Gatt said.

“It’s a monumental mess, it’s a disaster, the Matildas brand has been damaged, Australian soccer’s been thrown in the trash can again.”

The FFA have been contacted for comment without response.

The scandal has already claimed assistant coaches Paul Jones and Nahuel Arrarte, while Deputy Chairwoman Heather Reid has taken indefinite leave for personal reasons.


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