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Simon Hill frustrated with FFA governance

Cricket Australia isn’t the only sporting code going through reviews and board elections. They’re just the only one that we’re hearing about

Foxsports football commentator Simon Hill joined the Macquarie Sports breakfast show this morning. Hill praised the public manner in which Cricket Australia is acknowledging it’s governance issues and facing them head on, whilst detailing his frustration with the Football Federation of Australia’s (FFA) silence when dealing with similar issues, “It’s intriguing to me that cricket with its governance problems at the moment, they’re having this massive debate that’s all very public which I think is brilliant. That’s the way a sport should address its issues. In two weeks time we have elections for our board, for the FFA. There is not a single piece of public information or debate going on about this and that speaks volumes as to the problems we have as a game.”

“This is vital for our future, the identity of these people that we’re electing and there is zero public debate and that has to change.” Hill added.

The veteran football commentator acknowledges that who is up for election is just as important as how the elections take place, “It’s not the individuals, it’s the process that has to be correct. The people who are actually going to be elected, obviously that’s an important part of the discussion as well. But it’s how they’re going to be elected and whether the individuals that are up for nomination are actually representing different stakeholders or whether they’re going to be there for the good of the game.

Hill continued, “What i’m saying is Cricket is doing this very publicly within the full glare of public scrutiny and everybody is having their say which is great. That’s the way it should be. We as a game are never able to get this traction and therefore we do repeat a lot of the mistakes that have gone before.”

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