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Simon Hill smashes the Usain Bolt experiment

With legendary sprinter Usain Bolt looking likely to debut for the Central Coast Mariners in a trial match this weekend, again debate has started about whether he’s good enough to be competing in the A-League

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports Breakfast show Foxsports Football commentator Simon Hill weighed in on the debate, “I’m not a fan. Look i like the hype that it’s brought, I have no problem with that, the publicity. I know they do it in other codes of football and that’s great, that’s their business and i’m not particularly interested in that, I’m interested in football. If it’s just for publicity then great, no problem but I don’t particularly want to see a 32 year old athlete, legend though he is, given a football contract because I think that diminishes our sport. I think it’s just a little bit disrespectful of out league and i think it would make slightly tacky.”

When asked if Bolt were good enough to compete in the A-League Hill was blunt in his response, “He’s not. His fitness will improve, there’s no doubt about that, he’s a naturally fit guy clearly. You can’t learn to play professional football at the age of 32. Now I know he’s kicked a ball about when he was a kid, so did I, but it doesn’t mean i’m good enough to get a contract with the Mariners because there a two basic problems; A. I’m too old and B. i’m not good enough and i’m afraid that the same things pretty much apply to Usain. He’s probably a lot fitter than me to be fair.

Hill went on to say, “I’ve heard it said ‘He’s not quite got the skill set yet’. You’re not going to learn that at 32. Football is a game that you have to start playing at 6, 7, 8 years of age. That’s where you learn the basics of football. Now with respect to Usain and again i’m not trying to be disrespectful because he is a legend in another sport, no question. But he’s spent his whole life running in straight lines. Now all of a sudden he’s got a multi directional game with 6ft defenders that are going to plow through him.”

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