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Soccer receives ‘two thirds of diddly-squat’: Andy Harper


Andy Harper has teed off on our nations illustrious politicians who decided to grant a handful of professional sports, including AFL and NRL clubs, nearly $100 million in last week’s federal budget.

Professional clubs associated with AFLW teams received generous cash injections. Carlton received $20 million, while Richmond, Brisbane and Adelaide’s coffers were all topped up with $15 million each. These grants received little – if any – publicity.

“When is the penny going to drop with these so called leaders of our political system?” Harps asks.

“ScoMo, with his big pitch to the nation of how he’s going to lead Australia out of the Wilderness – if we’re in one – through sport, decides that the Carlton Football Club in Melbourne needs $20 million from taxpayers, and Richmond, with a membership base of 80,000, I mean, these clubs brag about how big their revenue streams are because of their membership, and then the federal tax payers – which is us – tip more money into their till,

“Meanwhile, if you play Volleyball, or if you’re an Olympic athlete, a fencer or a rower, or you play soccer in this country, even more so if you’re a female soccer player, you get two thirds of diddly-squat,

“I would just love to know what particular margin is there in it for the Australian nation if the Carlton Football Club starts performing better on the field? Answer to that? Zero.”

“We’ve got a women’s World Cup coming up this year, what about funding the Matildas? What about giving the W-League girls a fair shot at the title?

“If they’re giving that money to these elite clubs who are already massively indulged in this country, then they should be doing that and more for the range of sports that are actually going to position Australia [internationally].

Budget cash for professional sports:

Carlton $20m
Richmond $15m
Adelaide $15m
Bris Lions $15m
North Queensland $15m
Broncos $8m
Tennis $12m
Cricket $7.7m
Total $99.7m

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