Sporting madness worthy of ‘the Benny Hill music’

“It is the very error of the moon.
She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes
men mad.”

— William Shakespeare, Othello

What would Shakespeare have written of the utter sporting madness seen over the weekend? Surely the Bard would be a footy fan…

Leeds United all but forfeited automatic promotion to the English Premier League in favour of a redemptive act of good sportsmanship.


What is usually reserved for suburban shopping centre car parks, and for the first time in Formula 1 history, Daniel Ricciardo reversed his race car into a stationary opponent, and the ensuing fender bender ended both of their races.


“Where was the Benny Hill music?” Marko wondered.

“Where was his look left, look right, look over his shoulder stuff?” Ox adds.

Marko and Ox are convinced it was a full moon, and the hands of lunar induced madness throttled the sporting world.

All of this begs the question…

Sporting Madness, what are the craziest things you have seen in sport?

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