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Spotless Stadium is a disgrace but the Wanderers aren’t going anywhere

Spotless Stadium has been labelled a disgrace with broken glass, plastic and even metal screws and nails found on the patchy, uneven pitch before the Wanderers’ 2-0 loss to Newcastle on Friday.

So are there any plans to move the remaining home games for WSW to a more suitable pitch like ANZ, Campbelltown Stadium or even the Panthers home ground?

Mark Levy and Mark Riddell from the Macquarie Sports Radio  Breakfast show caught up with Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas to discuss what was being done to avoid a repeat of the appalling conditions ahead of their next home game.

Tstatimas explained they still have to play at Spotless for the next three games and “although they don’t want to present a picture that isn’t professional and that doesn’t present the A-League in a good light” they wouldn’t be going on a witch hunt to find who was responsible nor would they move any remaining games from Spotless elsewhere. This would be a logistical nightmare with scheduling issues.

When pressed further, Tsatsimas agreed that the club wasn’t happy with what transpired and that the still “aren’t happy and it’s not acceptable for us as a club but (also for) the fans and the general public”.

Conversations will be ongoing as to how the situation won’t be repeated, but as yet Tsatsimas and the club are yet to receive an apology from Spotless Stadium management.

Here’s guessing that the Red and Black Block can’t wait to be back at the old but new home ground at Western Sydney Stadium and it couldn’t come around quick enough.

To listen to the full interview here, click link below