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Sri Lankan captain banned for ball-tampering

Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal is the first player in cricket history to be suspended for ball-tampering in a Test match.

He has been slapped with a one-Test suspension after being found guilty of changing the condition of the ball during the second Test against the West Indies.

Chandimal was caught on camera shining the ball using saliva mixed with the residue of a lolly he had in his mouth.

All of Chandimal, the national team coach and manager have all admitted to acting in a manner contrary to the conduct of the game, which could see Chandimal miss a further two Tests if found guilty.

That charge is separate to the ball-tampering case. It was leveled in response to a player revolt by the Sri Lankan dressing room that saw them boycott the opening session of Day Three in protest over the ball-tampering allegations.

On the day of the incident, the West Indies were also awarded five penalty runs. At this stage there are no indications that the Sri Lankan Cricket Board will impose additional sanctions.

By contrast, Australian batsman Cameron Bancroft was fined 75% of his match fee, but escaped suspension. Former captain Steve Smith was banned for one match, but for bringing the game into disrepute, not for ball-tampering.

Former vice-captain David Warner escaped ICC suspension altogether.

Cricket Australia later decided to take further action by handing out a 9-month suspension to Bancroft along with year-long bans for Smith and Warner.

Has the ICC got it right? Or have they gone too soft?

Cam Reddin