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STERLO’S SAY: Get over Mad Monday dress ups!


Rugby League legend Peter Sterling says surely it’s time for NRL players to move past dressing up and misbehaving on Mad Monday.

It comes after a photo emerged earlier this week of Parramatta forward Shaun Lane with what appeared to be a white substance at a Mad Monday event with his former club Manly last season.

With a number of Mad Monday scandals to rock the NRL in the past, it’s led to many critics suggesting the whole concept should be canned to protect players getting themselves in trouble in the public eye.

Sterlo believes the concept should stay, but told Macquarie Sports Radio Halftime players must realise the world has changed on the back of smartphones and social media..

“The players have got every right to do exactly that, but they’ve just got to understand the world has changed,” Sterling said.

“It changed when on a phone you can capture an instant.

“They’ve got to understand you can’t do things that in the past that might have been overlooked or not seen because you couldn’t capture those moments on a phone or record them.

“I’m all for Mad Monday, I love players getting together, you’ve just got to be sensible about it.

“Get together and have a good time with your teammates and have a little break during the off season, it’s not hard to go out and have a good time without offending anyone.

“And please, dress ups, we’ve gone past that stage surely!”

Sterling played 227 games for the Parramatta Eels on top of his 13 Origins and 18 Tests for Australia.


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