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Steve Waugh ‘The team obviously got off track’

Former Australian Cricket Test captain Steve Waugh has opened up on the culture of the team that toured South Africa.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio, “The team obviously got off track in a gradual process to the point where, I think the sign where they really lost touch with reality was when they sort of apologised at the press conference and thought they would just move on to the next match.

“They didn’t realise the gravity of the situation and that shows they’re probably insulated a bit and not really aware of what the public’s thinking.”

Waugh added, “There’s no point looking in the past, we’ve got to support the guys in our team now. There’s really no excuses for us not to do well.”

“I think the team now is not as popular and looked up to as it used to be and that’s a real challenge for Justin and Tim Paine but at the end of the day they’ve got to play good cricket.”

Speaking on the future of the Australia Test team Waugh said, “We can’t play cricket being overly nice… we’ve got to be combative and hard and play the Aussie way.”

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This year the six day 700km on-road cycle event will visit Victoria and some of the famous names coming along include Adam Goodes, Anna Meares and Michael Milton.

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