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Stuart Clark suggests way to play more first class cricket

Former Australian Test cricketer Stuart Clark has said that the scheduling of the Australian cricket season can be changed as long as the cricket is considered rather than the commercial opportunities.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive with Billy McGee and Mieke Buchan, the former Test bowler gave his suggestion on how the summer could be changed to play more first class cricket.

“If they play the BBL in January as a standalone tournament, and let it run into February, you can play Shield cricket all the way through the domestic summer right up to Christmas.

If you’re playing the Test matches in the first half of the season along with first class cricket, play the BBL in January with the One-Dayers… in February go back to first class cricket.”

Clark also said that it will take a little bit of tinkering but the changes can be made if the cricket is considered.

“It’s going to take a little bit of tinkering and the acceptance that maybe we need to be considering the cricket rather than the commercial opportunities.”