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“Stupidity has been at its peak in this Test Match” – Ian Chappell

The second Test Match between Pakistan and Australia in the UAE is getting stranger with each passing day

After both sides suffered first innings batting collapses, Pakistan rallied in their second dig to declare at a seemingly insurmountable 9/400. The Australians will have to break all time Cricketing records if they are to save the test. The match has seen some truly strange passages of play that have generated more news than any result possibly could.

Speaking on the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell, former Australian Cricket Captain Ian Chappell gave his thoughts on the bizarre Test Match, “Well I’ve never seen so much stupidity in one test match. Starting with Labuschagne, I mean that was ridiculous. Then the Pakistan run out, that is just senseless. The thing that amazed me about Labuschagne was that he seemed to be watching the ball the whole time and he just sort of watched it onto the stumps”

It wasn’t just the run outs that perplexed Chappell, “Then we have the situation of the non-declaration. You’re 500 odd (runs) in front, then they played three or four maidens in a row. Then the Skipper gets out and i’m thinking well surely they’ve got to declare and they bat on for another 10 balls or something and did not score a single run. Then they declared. I mean crikey!”

“Stupidity has been at its peak in this test match.”

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