CATCH UP | Just Short of a Length with Roy and H.G.

Roy and H.G’s Macquarie Sports Radio debut spearheaded a week of firsts.

The first episode of Just Short of a Length with Roy and H.G, naturally. The first game of the hotly anticipated Cricket World Cup. The first win for North Melbourne’s freshly minted caretaker coach. The first State of Origin clash for 2019.

Steve Smith and David Warner’s reintegration on-field doesn’t protect them from rabid English agitators off-field. Learn why sleeping in a cupboard offers sufficient protection, made possible thanks to real-world advice confined quarters expert Julian Assange.

Shinboner Spirit was on full display as North Melbourne thrashed Richmond, rewarding caretaker coach Quirky Rhyce Shaw his first win in his first game. But is it enough to stop Tasmania stealing their coveted slot in the AFL? Can Glenn Archer stop the meddling of The Murderer?

NSW Blues hooker Damien Cook has found an edge, a frigid -85 degree edge submerged in magical magnesium salts. Will Earthing, breathing, and bathing stop a front row assault a Maroon outfit more afraid of words than collisions? Can Stubbsy the Coach Whisperer intervene?

If alcohol advertising is banned in professional sport, who will step up to the plate? Which hardware chain has the best Australian Cricket Team smell about it? And what features will make the hardware underpants sell like hotcakes?

There’s the science of pin placement, risk versus reward, and why it’s obscene to putt on broccoli when other green leafy vegetables make better rolling surfaces. Naturally.

All of that and plenty more on Just Short of a Length!


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