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Swann reveals new priority pick model

Brisbane Lions CEO Greg Swann has revealed an alternative priority pick model that’s got “widespread support” at club level.

Both Carlton and Gold Coast are in line to receive an additional draft pick from the AFL after struggling through the season.

Swann told Afternoons a model in which clubs would automatically receive priority picks after an allotted number of years without finals action.

“At the CEOs conference a couple of weeks ago, there we different priority pick models that were put up that I think will go through the AFL’s competition committee where teams get extra picks after missing finals for a set length of time,” he said.

“There were a lot of models floated and I think that got widespread support because at least that way, there’s a formula but at the moment it’s a bit ad-hoc.

“We haven’t played finals since 2009 so we don’t want other clubs getting extra picks at the start of the draft but we’ll see where that goes.”

Swann, who’s side received an end-of-first-round priority draft in 2016, said he’d be shocked if the AFL handed out priority picks in this year’s draft.

“I’d be absolutely staggered if a priority pick was given early in the draft, priority picks are normally given at the end of the first round,” he said.

“I’m pretty confident that if (Carlton or Gold Coast) get one, that’s where they’ll be.”

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