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Swearing crackdown in the NBL is “wrong” according to Andrew Gaze.

The NBL is considering a crackdown on fining coaches who use profanities during televised timeouts. Coach of the Sydney Kings, Andrew Gaze says “it’s going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds”

Australia’s greatest ever basketballer joined Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast with his thoughts on the crackdown by the NBL while still trying to get the upper edge during their broadcasts with their access all areas coverage. “I’m not a big fan and never have been of what value you get of going live into timeouts. Because I’ve been part of the game and seen it so many times you get a little bit desensitized by it. My dad was a rebel, he would refuse to get mic’d up and if he saw the camera he would make sure it wasn’t coming in.”

Gaze said restrictions on what coaches in the NBL can and can’t say to their players would have a detrimental impact on the way playing instructions are relayed to the players. “Beyond the swearing, it’s wrong to impose restrictions on coaches that prevents them from coaching to their full capacity.” he said.

He is not opposed to the NBL taking the lead of the NBA and packaging up the vision they get and play it back on a slight delay “The NBA do it really well, where they record it, edit it and then the sounds of the game while the play is going on is absolutely appropriate.” suggested Gaze.

He told Matt Thompson & Jimmy Bartel that he is “embarrassed” when he watching back highlights of the game with his family and vision of him caught in the moment is flashed on the screen “I’m of the view though that when I’m sitting at home and I’ve got my kids there and we’re watching it, I don’t want my kids to be exposed to that kind of language. I’m embarrassed when they put me on and I’m swearing, I don’t feel comfortable with it and I don’t think it’s fair on the coaches.”

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