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Swimming great Dawn Fraser backs Horton in fight for clean sport

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Australia swimming great Dawn Fraser is backing Mack Horton as tensions reach boiling point at the FINA World Championships in South Korea.

After Horton refused to stand alongside convicted drug cheat Sun Yang on the podium, Britain’s Duncan Scott followed suit after he won a bronze medal against the Chinese swimmer in the 200m freestyle final.

Fraser said the issue came back to FINA’s inaction when it came to taking a stand against drug cheats.

“I stand behind Horton because of what he’s done,” Fraser told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“This debacle has been going on for three years, he’s been proven to be a drug cheat.

“FINA has got to get off their backside and do something about it, he shouldn’t be swimming in these World Championships.

“Our swimmers want clean sport and as an ex-swimmer myself, I’ve got to push for that.

“We’ve got to have clean sport. It’s very hard competing against people taking drugs.”

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Image: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

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