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The alarming statistic keeping the Jaguares up at night

For the Jaguares to claim their maiden Super Rugby title, they must first conquer a titan, the Canterbury Crusaders, who are on a warpath to a rare championship three-peat.

Former Wallaby Stephen Hoiles highlights a key statistic which is undoubtedly keeping the Jaguares up at night.

“The Crusaders have never lost a home final and that’s remarkable, I think they’re up to 24 wins in finals at home over the past 20-odd years,” Hoiles tells David Morrow and Mathew Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio.

On top of their winning finals record at home, the Crusaders have not lost a match at home since 2016. The very definition of home ground advantage.

“They’ve just been so consistent, and even when they’ve had tough years they still manage to scrape into the top four,

“Scott Robinson, the coach, might be the only person in professional sport with a three-peat as a player who is also going for a three-peat as a coach,” Hoiles said.

Despite the weight of numbers, the result isn’t a foregone conclusion and the Jaguares aren’t easy-beats. They demolished the Brumbies in last week’s semi-finals and their side is packed tight with Argentinian national players.

Still, Christchurch is a long way from Buenos Aires, and we know how well the home side plays when well-rested.

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