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The Artist Formerly Known As The Game’s Greatest Thinker

Driving for show, putting for dough. Time to drag the bag, punters. Grip it and rip it, and get your daily dose of irons and morning woods – It’s Golf Month! 

Why not celebrate with a round at Adelaide Oval, Australia’s newest golf course, and Adelaide’s most exciting new attraction since St Peter’s Cathedral opened its doors to worshipers and golfers alike. 

Meanwhile, Sticky AKA Ricky AKA The Angry Ant AKA The Game’s Greatest Thinker AKA Carlos Smearson was robbed. The Green Machine was dudded. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was dudded (note to self: never ask the NRL to build an app, or Darren Lockyer to competently use one). And the people of Australia were dudded by OneRepublic, who took to Australia’s Greatest Stage and failed play a single Cold Chisel or Midnight Oil cover. Rugby League eh. Typical. 

Like the boot needed to be plunged any deeper into Sticky’s battered and bruised disposition, but try telling Chooks coach Robbo that. Robbo had the audacity to brand Cooper Cronk “the greatest thinker to ever play Rugby League” — in earshot of Sticky! The audacity! 

Anyway, the Artist Formerly Known As The Game’s Greatest Thinker decided to get out of Dodge and jet to Japan, parachuting into the English Rugby Union’s World Cup camp to lend a hand to Eddie Jones. We used to have a word for that…. Treason…

Can you believe they’ve never made a movie about Bathurst?! A gritty, contemporary drama, a high-octane thriller, a full-throttle blockbuster… King Of The Mountain, Starring Craig Lowndes. Box office bonanza. Roy and HG are searching for a producer and an appropriate soundtrack for a training montage. 

Clear your schedule and set the bookie to speed dial because next weekend is a Punters Paradise. Starting Friday night, where riches will rain down on the dishlickers like never before in the world’s richest greyhound race, The Million Dollar Chase! It’s been suggested a Best Tracksuit parade will replace Fashions on the Field as salt of the earth punters load up on Box 4. Followed by The Everest, what more needs to be said? Another week of massive collects!

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