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‘The attitude towards umpires has to change’: Dale Thomas straight to the Tribunal


Carlton’s Dale Thomas has been referred directly to the Tribunal after being charged with abusing an umpire.

The incident occurred during the third quarter of the Round 9 Carlton vs GWS at Giants Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Thomas is not able to accept an early plea following the charge of abusing umpire Michael Barlow.

The Carlton veteran reportedly used the word “cheat” in the verbal exchange with the boundary umpire.

Mark Robinson, Chief AFL writer for the Herald Sun told Macquarie Sports Radio Drive that he can understand the move by the AFL Match Review.

“I’m sitting here wondering what in the hell could a player say to an umpire that comes under the authority of the MRO, to have the power to deal with players for abusing an umpire,” Robinson told Matt Granland and David Schwarz.

“The AFL has been an industry where players and the treatment of umpires hasn’t really fallen in line like it has in other sports.

“I think players have gotten away with a lot.”

Robinson said that the AFL are cracking down on player attitudes towards umpires in an effort to recruit umpires to the game.

“We were in a meeting at the AFL a couple of weeks ago, a few of the journos, where they stressed to us that the attitude towards umpires has to change.”

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