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The beauty of the FFA Cup

Once the World Cup has finished, soccer fans in Australia will turn to the FFA Cup.

The Round of 32 begins Wednesday July 25, where 10 A-League clubs and 22 state-league amateur clubs will compete.

Greg O’Rourke, Head of Leagues at the FFA says the concept is “one of the great things about this game.”

“Just short of 800 teams are competing this year. You can be in a team at any suburb at any level, and apply to be part of the FFA cup,” he said.

“You go through a state-based competition until you come to the top of that period, when it then opens up to the Round of 32.”

The draw this year means one of the State-League clubs will be guaranteed a spot in the final four.

“Last year South Melbourne played in the semi-final, and before that Canberra Olympic, before that Hume, and in the inaugural year Bentleigh Greens.

“Anyone can effectively take that position.”

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