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The career defining moment which brought Andrew Gaze to tears


Andrew Gaze is a titan of Australian basketball and a loved member of the Macquarie Sports Radio family. It’s nice to be reminded of his astonishing record of achievements.

He played more than 600 NBL matches and won two championships. He was named the the league MVP on seven occasions. He played in the NBA and won a Championship Ring with the Spurs in 1999. He represented his country at five – five – Olympic games.

And in the year 2000, for his home Olympics no less, he was awarded the distinguished honour of carrying the flag for his country at the opening ceremony.

“I actually knew a couple of days beforehand because [AOC boss] John Coates had told me.” Gaze tells David Morrow and Mat Thompson.

“I was sworn to secrecy at the time.

“I reckon I kept it from my parents for about four minutes.

“I still remember John Coates told us and we were in the Olympic Village and [teammate] Mark Bradtke was with me at the time and [Coates] said, “Now you’re not allowed to tell anyone because we’re going to have the Prime Minister John Howard, he’s going to come and announce it at a function. So you’re not allowed to tell anyone.”

“He then walked away and I reckon he was about twenty metres away before both Mark and I were on the phone.

“I still remember calling up my wife and I was trying to get it out but I was that emotional, she thought I’d done my knee or there’s been some sort of tragedy because I was crying that much I couldn’t actually get what I wanted to say out. Eventually I got it out.”

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