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“The fans don’t know what is going on”: Simon Hill slams controversial VAR

Fox Sports Football Analyst Simon Hill has doubled down on his criticism of the VAR in this year’s A-League, after a scathing article earlier in the week for The Daily Telegraph, where he said we had “created a monster.”

Hill made the comments after a controversial opening A-League round which left fans and players scratching their heads at some dubious decisions.

“To me, I think we’re just heading down a road where we’re going to stop the game every five and ten minutes,” Hill said.

“The fans don’t know what is going on and the players don’t know whether or not to celebrate.”

With VAR being used to make decisions on minute rulings, Hill said it’s ruined the true nature of what sport is about.

“Specifically for offside calls, there has to be a little bit of leeway. If we’re having to go into such depth to figure out if someone is offside, then I think we’re losing some of the essence of what sports is about,” Hill said.

“Part of its joys is its imperfections. You know, players get things wrong and we forgive them because we know humans are like that. But we just don’t give referees or officials the same leeway, and I just think it’s spoiling it.”

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