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‘The game is being ruined by idiots!’

NRL Hall of Fame nominee David Morrow has slammed rugby league officials for Jake Clifford’s disallowed try in the Cowboys loss to the Broncos.

The video referee decided that Brisbane’s Andrew McCullough was impeded when attempting to tackle Clifford.

McCullough still managed to tackle the North Queensland half.

Macquarie Sports Radio’s Mornings host went off, “No one was prevented from making a tackle.

“The video ref this year has made a thousand and one wrong decisions, it’s time to give him the punt,” he said.

Morrow didn’t stop there, “I’m sick to death of watching obstruction rules this year that are just so stupid, absolutely stupid.

“The game is being ruined by idiots that have never played the game or don’t understand.

“Someone has to be prevented from affecting a tackle. No one was last night.”