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The Hundred garners mixed reaction from cricket faithful

Steve Smith, David Warner, D’Arcy Short, Mitchell Starc and more, all playing in the same tournament.

It’s not the Big Bash, or the IPL.

Many of the biggest names in world cricket will take part in the first ever running of ‘The Hundred’ in 2020 English summer, in the newest version of the centuries-old game.

Gone are six-ball overs and drinks breaks.

Each innings will be 100 balls in length. Meanwhile, bowlers will deliver either five or ten consecutive balls (the choice is theirs) with a maximum of 20 balls per bowler per game.

Bowling sides will also be able to call a ‘strategic time-out’ of up to two-and-a-half minutes at any point in the innings.

Former Australian Test cricketer Carl Rackemann told Macquarie Sports Radio‘s Cam Reddin the idea “will work”, but admits it still has many people to win over.

“I can’t work out what the new audience is going to be. People who can’t count to six?” Rackemann said.

“(But) the new audience has established that they really like the whole contest over in about three hours, which T20 is. This game is going to be about the same,” he said.

Rackemann also raised concern about the workload of top players.

“There is so much being asked of the players, and now to plug in another option for the game will be still more. I think administrators have got to be pretty mindful of this,” Rackemann said.

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