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The Launchpad: “Haas shouldn’t have to speak”

Brisbane Bronco’s player Payne Haas has been given a four match ban, including trial matches and a $10,000 fine for failing to provide the NRL’s integrity unit with sufficient responses to their questions about an incident his family were involved in.

On the Launchpad, Macquarie Sports Radio Drive host’s Mark Allen and David Schwarz believe the penalty doesn’t meet the crime.

“You get four weeks for not ratting your family out… I would have given him four matches for doing it! You can’t rat your family out!” says Allen.

After listening to a caller from James Willis’ show who was reportedly present at the incident in question, Marko wants to know why the NRL Integrity Unit have to get the information from Haas. “There would have been 50 people there, give them a call.”

Schwarz and Allen went on to question why the NRL will allow players on serious charges to continue to play, such as Jack De Belin, while Haas cannot play.

“If police were involved, it would be a different story.” says Schwarz.

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