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The likely cause of St Kilda backman Dylan Roberton’s collapse

St Kilda backman Dylan Roberton collapsed during the Saint’s clash with Geelong at GMHBA stadium on Sunday.

Leading sports medicine physician Peter Brukner spoke to Tony Leonard and Tony Shaw about the incident this morning.

Dr Brukner said the most likely cause of Roberton’s collapse is a heart irregularity.

“Something has not functioned properly, and momentarily his heart has gone into arrhythmia, where it’s not beating in it’s normal way”, he said.

Roberton was taken to the Epworth Hospital in Geelong where he spent the night.

Dr Brukner said Roberton would have undergone testing to determine which part of the heart is affected. It’s most likely affected area is the atrium, in a relatively common condition called atrial fibrillation.

He said it’s likely that doctors will perform a procedure known as ablation, which involves feeding a catheter into the affected area of the heart to rid that area of irregularity. If the procedure goes well it’s possible that Robertson could return to play in four to six weeks.

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