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‘The Melbourne Footy Club can’t be proud of where they’re at’: The Ox responds

David Schwarz has backed his own comments about the poor performance of the Melbourne Football Club following criticism.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive on Monday night, the former Melbourne player said that he believes “Simon Goodwin is close to losing the team.”

Another former great of the AFL responded to the comments overnight.

Speaking on Channel 7, Wayne ‘Duck’ Carey said he believed Schwarz was making “a massive assumption off the back of one game.”

“I make assumptions on what I see, and Duck knows that I speak to people,” Schwarz said on Macquarie Sports Radio Drive.

“Duck knows that you wouldn’t come up with an opinion like that if you’re not speaking to people who would have inside knowledge at the club.

“The facts are that the club has been derailed this year by performance. It’s been horrible.

“If Goody is close to the players, then great. But I don’t see it.

“The Melbourne Footy Club can’t be proud of where they’re at. They can’t be proud of their performance.

“I don’t want the coach to be close to the players if that’s the performance that we’re getting.

“I want the coach to actually get angry and start pulling the trigger and actually making this club great.

“I’m not going to wait 7 or 8 years for this club to be good again. I don’t think any of the supporters deserve that either.”

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