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The moment Kerry Packer appointed Ian Chappell captain of Australia

One of the icons of Australian sport. Someone who changed the face of our national obsession.

A singular character and a voice that many Australians have spent more time listening to than their partners.

Batsman. Captain. Broadcaster. Legend.

Ian Chappell is all those things and more.

He joined David Morrow and Mat Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio for their “Heroes” segment and covered everything from his childhood to captaining Australia, World Series Cricket to seeing the likes of Warne and Ponting develop from kids to greats of the game.

Here are just some of the wonderful anecdotes and insights he shared across the nearly hour and a half he spoke to them.

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World Series Cricket – one of the most controversial sagas in Australian sports history.

It came after Ian Chappell had stepped down from captaining the Australian cricket team and his brother Greg had taken the mantle.

Here he tells the story of his first meeting with Kerry Packer and how the media mogul insisted on him being captain again.


Why did they decide to break from the tradition of wearing cricketing whites and go with coloured clothing for these new one-dayers?

If the answer doesn’t surprise you, the way they managed to get coloured gloves and pads in an era of all-white gear certainly will.


In his various roles throughout the game, Chappelli has had the privilege of seeing some of our greatest ever players come through the ranks. So what did he make of the likes of Ricky Ponting, Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne when they were still learning their craft?


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