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“The most grueling running that you could experience in Australia”

The Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory holds some of the most beautiful views of our red center. And for a couple of days in March, it holds host to the West Macs Monster, an incredible 231 km ultramarathon testing the utter limits of the human body.

Sheer determination, resilience, and focus will be only a few things participants will need to complete within the allowed 66 hours.

The race director of the event is Marc Woods and he joins Mieke Buchan and Billy McGee to share the immense amount of effort going into the set up of an event of this scale and distance.

“There’s an aid station on average every 13-15 kilometers”

You might be questioning why people would do an event like this and Marc shares that the reasons are just as varied as the course terrain.

“Timing of the event allows the competitors to be at the top ridge lines when the sun rises and sets”

An absolute definition of endurance and mental fortitude, would you be able to fight out every step and kilometer.

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