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The one change Ian Healy would make for the 2nd Ashes Test

Any ten year old can tell you that five into three doesn’t go. But that’s the problem facing Australia’s cricket selectors as they try and pick three pacemen for the second Ashes Test at Lord’s from five great candidates.

However ex-Australian wicketkeeper and vice captain Ian Healy has named who he would pick for the clash starting on Sunday night.

Speaking with David Morrow and Mat Thompson on Macquarie Sports Radio, the Channel Nine commentator said, “I think they’ll probably rest [Peter] Siddle.”

And who will play in his place?

“I reckon Starc. They love Starc for Lord’s. He belted them up in 2015 so I reckon they might go with him. That’s what I would do and still keep Hazlewood bubbling along.

“Starc with the possibility of ripping the tail out. Even if he doesn’t bowl super accurately at the front, he can just rip the tail out and they hate facing him,” Healy stated.

The 119-Test veteran believes that there will be a need for a rotation of fast bowlers throughout the series, though they won’t make wholesale changes after winning the first Test.

“I suspect they’ve got a plan of getting all these bowlers through physically 5 Tests in 6 weeks. It’s a difficult thing.

“I don’t see Pattinson or Cummins getting rested when they are so fresh,” Healy said.

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