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The one factor which worries Jimmy Bartel about Alan Richardson’s future

Levy, Riddell & Bartel

Geelong great Jimmy Bartel says he’s worried under-fire St Kilda coach Alan Richardson’s lack of finals success will count against him in the long run.

The Saints slumped to their ninth loss of the season against North Melbourne yesterday.

But while Bartel lauded Richardson’s work getting improvement out of the list this season, he said his record over six years could cast doubt over his future at the club beyond this year.

“When they kept flashing to the coaches box (on TV) to Alan Richardson, it’s not often you have the footy manager Simon Lethlean hovering on his shoulder,” he said on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“When you look at Alan Richardson, if they had the full list to pick from all year and they had won six games, you’d say it’s pretty much a success.

“He’s got improvement out of the young players and improvement out of some mature players that have been just going in the last couple of years.

“The one factor which worries me for Alan Richardson is he’s been there for six years without playing finals.

“If you’re going to keep him as coach, you’re not going to keep him for next year, you’re probably going to renew him for a couple years and that’s where St Kilda are (weighing up) their decision making.

“If he was coaching his third or fourth year, I think they’d renew him.

“But because he’s been there for so long, (if they renew his contract) it would almost take him out to be one of the longest-serving Saints coaches in history.

“Simon Lethlean is pretty experienced and Graeme Allan who is very well known in the football industry for getting big deals done.

“The less we hear, the more worrying it is for Alan Richardson.”

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