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The one question which Jimmy Bartel says Carlton need to answer

Levy & Riddell

2007 Brownlow medalist Jimmy Bartel says Carlton aren’t improved as quickly as they hoped.

The Blues were resoundingly beaten by 93 points against GWS Giants on Sunday afternoon.

It follows a 58-point loss to North Melbourne a fortnight ago and again raises questions about coach Brendon Bolton.

“They’re taking a lot longer to improve than they expected,” Bartel told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“They cut through their list far too deep.”

Bartel said while he’s seen signs of growth from Carlton this year, they can’t continue to lose heavily without the coach coming under fire.

“I’ve seen seven games from Carlton where there’s been improvement,” he said.

“But the debate keeps raging now is as much as Brendon Bolton has had this plan, do you stick with the plan and see it out or are these losses too damaging and you can’t go ahead with them.

“He’s done two or three years where they’ve club their entire list twice and bottom out but we’ve seen enough performance where they’re on the way up and then then serve up (what they did against GWS).

“It’s really difficult.”

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