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The one thing that could give Robbie Farah an NRL farewell game

One of the worst stories from Round 21 of the NRL was the news that Robbie Farah may well have played his final game in the competition after fracturing his tibia in the Tigers’ loss to the Bulldogs.

Brien Seeney – aka “NRL Physio” on Twitter – told David Morrow and Mat Thompson that it’s devastating news for the Wests Tigers veteran, “It was probably the worst case scenario apart from doing his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament).”

Farah, who has announced his retirement at the end of the year, was set to farewell the game with a match against the Sharks at his beloved Leichhardt Oval on the final day of the regular season.

However that looks unlikely considering the typical diagnosis and that the game is less than four weeks away.

“Usually with these things it’s six weeks minimum. Some of them can require three to four months.

“I don’t think Robbie’s is that severe at this stage, because he was able to play on for ten minutes with it,” Seeney said.

The physiotherapist who has attracted a large following online for his explanations of rugby league injuries went on to outline Farah’s problem:

“Your tibia is your shinbone – the major weight bearing bone in your lower leg.

“Robbie’s knee collapsed inwards… and what can happen there is on the outside you can get those bones pinch together.

“What it sounds like has happened is that he’s fractured his tibial plateau which is the top of the tibia. That’s even more concerning because that’s where your cartilage is.”

However Seeney revealed that there is one thing that could save Farah’s dreams of a farewell at his spiritual home.

“He is a chance.

“He’s going to see a specialist. It would have to be the smallest of small fractures. And it would have to be limited to the surface of the bone.

“If it’s a structural thing I really can’t see that happening (him playing his farewell game).

“If it’s only a surface fracture, especially if he’s only aiming for one game… you probably could get him out there even if it’s just for limited minutes.

“It’s still very very low chances unfortunately,” Seeney said.

Unfortunately for Farah, his decision is made more complicated by the fact that he could risk serious long-term injury if he plays on a broken tibia.

“If the fracture goes into the cartilage you start to talk about long term damage and risk to post-career if he does play on and make it worse.

“Even if it’s only a small crack in the surface of the tibia, if he does play on there’s often a risk of that crack becoming a full on break which would be devastating for Robbie.

“Certainly with the knee there are concerns that if something goes wrong there can be long term detriments,” Seeney said.

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