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‘The penny has to drop’: David Schwarz’s message for Jesse Hogan

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AFL great David Schwarz has pleaded with new Fremantle recruit Jesse Hogan to stop hanging around the wrong crowd.

The 24-year-old was stood down by the Dockers on Monday after making “poor choices around alcohol consumption”.

Fremantle general manager of football Peter Bell added a layer of complexity to the issue, saying the talented forward has been experiencing “clinical anxiety”.

Schwarz, who played 173 games for Hogan’s former club Melbourne, told Macquarie Sports Radio he felt sorry for Hogan.

“I really do feel for Jesse Hogan because he’s got awesome talent, but he hangs around d—heads,” he said.

“(Hogan) has got issues. He parties far too hard and Melbourne knew it.

“For many many years they knew that he was going down a slippery, slippery slope.”

“It still does not excuse that Melbourne knew that he was going down the wrong path. They accepted unders for the deal.”

“Sooner or later, the penny has to drop. If the penny doesn’t drop, he’s just going to be another player, a great player, that never reached anywhere near his potential because he chose a lifestyle away from footy that was not conducive to him playing good footy.”

Schwarz said he knows what it feels like as a footballer to mix in the wrong crowds.

“I know what it’s like to hang around with idiots,” he said.

“I was a punter, so I hung around people who I thought were my friends.

“Really, as soon as the well dried up and as soon as the footy career was over, the friendships disappeared.”

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