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The player Marko & Ox say will take a power of beating at The Masters


Earlier in the week Mark Allen and David ‘Ox’ Schwarz proclaimed the Masters was the Oktoberfest of Golf, and this week we’re all drinking from the stein of life under par.

After the opening round at Augusta National, American specimen Brooks Koepka is tied for the lead at 6-under.

Yet despite winning the last two majors, Brooks Koepka doesn’t seem to earn the same level of adoration as other champion players.

“[Koepka] has won the last two majors,” Marko said.

“If he wins this it’s three majors in a row, and it will be four majors out of the last seven majors he’s played in, that’s enourmous.”

“Why is he not getting the love?” Ox asks.

“I don’t think people expect him to do it,” Marko answers.

“He’s won three majors but I think he’s only won four or five tournaments on the PGA tour, so he’s a better player in the Majors than he is in regular tour events.”

After winning the US Open and the PGA Championship, Koepka embarked on a weight loss journey, shedding 10 kilograms and losing approximately 10m off the tee which led some critics to accuse the 28 year old of sabotaging his career.

However, Koepka’s stats after the opening round of the 2019 US Masters tell a different story.

“Off the tee he’s longer than anyone, he’s straighter than anyone, tee to green he’s better than anyone and his putting is better than anyone,” Ox said.

“I read an article saying [Koepka] cannot be beaten this weekend.”

“He was almost 30 yards longer than the average in the field and he was 20% straighter than the average player in the field,” Marko said.

“That’s hard to beat.”

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