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“The story of a contract in Europe is news to me.” – Gallop on Bolt rumour

News has broken overnight linking Usain Bolt with an early exit from the Central Coast Mariners to take up a position with a European football club

After scoring 2 goals in the Mariners trial match last Friday night, debate has raged about whether Bolt has what it takes to make it in the A-League or whether his ability should even be a topic of discussion. With the footage of Bolts two goals racking up over 6 million views on the Mariners social media account many argue that Usain’s real value is in the exposure and marketing power he can generate not just for the Mariners but the A-League competition rather than his on field prowess.

Speaking to the Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast show with Mark Levy and Mark Riddell, FFA CEO David Gallop spoke about the rumours linking Bolt to a move to Europe, “The story of a contract in Europe is news to me.”

As Australian football fans wait to see whether the Mariners and the FFA decide to sign Bolt for the upcoming A-League season (starting this weekend) Gallop outlined the process that needs to happen in order for the world’s fastest man to remain on the Central Coast, “The ball is very much in the Mariners court. They have to make a decision whether they want to move to put Usain onto a contract. He’s clearly improving and it was great he got a couple of goals last Friday night.

Gallop stressed that if the FFA were to help out the Mariners in securing Bolt’s services they would not be using the Marquee player fund, “If they get to that point (of signing Usain Bolt) then we’ll look at what’s feasible for us but it can’t be from the marquee player fund. We don’t want to compromise what that’s put in place for. It’s put in place for all our clubs to try and attract world class players. Players who have proven themselves in professional leagues and who could effectively play the game anywhere in the world but choose to play it in Australia. So we can’t use that money but we’ll look at if we can do anything else if the Mariners move to that point with Usain.”

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