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The ‘unique’ situation surrounding Tim Kelly’s future at Geelong

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

Geelong great Jimmy Bartel says there’s a number of complicating factors around Tim Kelly’s potential move to Western Australia next season.

The Cats midfielder is widely expected to leave the club for family reasons at the end of the this year, following on from his trade request at the end of 2018.

Bartel said it was now up to West Coast to offer a satisfactory trade if they wanted to lure the star ball-winner west.

“He has a unique situation,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“He’s missed five drafts so he’s not an 18 or 19-year-old and he’s got to cash in while he can while he’s at the absolute pinnacle of his powers.

“He’s also got three children under the age of three and one who requires a far bit of special care.

“Geelong have gone above and beyond to try and make him and his family feel at home but he wants to go to Perth.

“They’ve got a potential Brownlow medalist for minimum wage so of course they were never going to let him go (last year).

“The Cats want two first round draft picks and that’s the starting price and he wants to play for the Eagles, it’s the big club in the west.

“But Geelong are (saying) the Eagles need to satisfy us.”

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Piggy, Levy & Jimmy