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‘There are area’s that need attention,’ states former NRL Judiciary chairman

With Sam Burgess missing from his side’s loss to the Roosters in the NRL qualifiers after a hair pulling incident in the final round of the regular season, the judiciary’s system of loadings and carry-over points has come into question.

“I don’t really think the present system is broken, but there are area’s that need attention,” states former NRL judiciary Chairman Paul Conlon with Phil Gould.

“I had some concerns about loadings and carry-over points, they do add a degree of complexity to the system,

“In certain cases, I’ve seen loadings and carry-overs work an injustice because it can result by way of example, a player missing a semi-final, final, or grand final for a low-level offence.”

Conlon sees this area of the Judiciary system as a major area of improvement as Jared Waerea-Hargreaves faces the possibility of missing the biggest games of the season due to a tripping offence which would normally be a financial penalty.

“They can miss one match because only of the loadings and the carry-overs for an offence, an offence which would normally not even carry a match suspension following an early plea.”

Image: Mark Metcalfe / Stringer via Getty Images

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