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‘There goes your earning capacity’: Criminal lawyer claims de Belin could sue the NRL

The ARL Commission will be meeting Thursday to discuss standing down NRL players who are facing serious charges in court, with St George’s Jack de Belin and Manly’s Dylan Walker just two of several players currently facing charges.

Criminal Barrister Paul McGirr believes that should the NRL stand Jack de Belin down, he would have grounds to sue the league for a lack of earnings.

Speaking with Matt Granland and David Schwarz on Macquarie Sports Radio, McGirr said that “once you’re out of the limelight, that is your career. There goes your earning capacity.”

McGirr went on to say that the Rugby League have not dealt with the de Belin case correctly.

“It’s an allegation alone. It’s all good and well for people to say that it’s innocent unless proven guilty and everyone has a right to a fair hearing, but then for the Rugby League to come out and say we are going to ban you for serious crimes and not even tell us which serious crimes fall under that list is just amateurish.”

When asked about whether the NRL can argue that the reason for standing down de Belin is to protect the look of the game, McGirr said that “if they are trying to protect their image, what we are then talking about is earning capacity and money, and they haven’t come out and said that.”