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‘There is a lot of self-interest in our game’ – Phil Moss on David Gallop resignation

Phil Moss, president of Football Coaches Australia says it’s a good time for new leadership after FFA CEO David Gallop announced his resignation from the position in December. 

“There is no doubt the A-League has stagnated and it needs a fresh injection”, Moss told Christian Jantzen and Andrew Gaze on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“For those of us who put the health of our game at the forefront of everything we do, it really rips your heart out to see so much self-interest. David’s departure is a good time for everyone to put that to one side and get on with what’s best for the game.”

Gallop’s departure coincides with the A-League transitioning to independence from the FFA.

“There have been a lot of highlights during David’s 7-year tenure, but certainly it’s a good time for some fresh leadership in a role that will look very different from January 1.”

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