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“There is no common sense anymore”: Jamie Soward baffled by controversial call

Jamie Soward has slammed the NRL Referees after another confusing call that has left many Rugby League fans scratching their heads in dismay.

In Saturday night’s 22-6 loss the Sydney Roosters, the Penrith Panthers were controversially denied a Nathan Cleary try just before half-time due to obstruction.

With two minutes to go in the first half trailing 12-6, Cleary’s try was disallowed due to Roosters forward Zane Tetevano being impeded, a call that has left Soward fuming.

“This now means that our game is getting decided on every technicality ever invented in the rule book that people don’t even know about”, Soward said.

“There is just no common sense in the game anymore and it’s absolutely ludicrous. We’re getting to a stage where the divide between referees in the bunker making the decision, and the former coaches and players analysing the game is getting bigger.”

“The referee comes back and makes the decision where every former player, every former coach, they all said it was a try. But then they say it was a no try. No one knows what is what.”

With finals football only two weeks away, the former premiership winner believes that it is only a matter of time before calls like these costs a team in a big game.

“We need to be careful because it’s going to cost someone in a big game. It’s just absolutely ridiculous now. The obstruction rule needs to be obstruction where the person is actually getting taken out.”

“If a player wants to take a dive, then it happens and you do what you can to win the game. But last night went from taking a dive to the referee bailing out Zane Tetevano and costing the Penrith Panthers six points.”

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