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‘There will be limited parking around the MCG in the future’ says MCC CEO

MCC CEO Stuart Fox has flagged that parking at the MCG will likely be changed in coming years in a way to ease congestion at the famous ground and make for a better experience around the MCG.

“It is about patron safety. When you have about 3,000 cars exiting after a game in amongst 85-90 thousand fans it’s not really ideal.” Fox told Macquarie Sports Radio Melbourne breakfast.

Fox believes that “it is not uncommon around the world” to have people park elsewhere in the precinct and that the Melbourne sporting public have received it pretty well.

Fox says it is the best move for the MCG going forward to keep people safe and ensure that Yarra Park is preserved in the best possible way.

“It is just not ideal to have cars parked right up along side the stadium and that is what we are conscious of at the moment. It inconveniences a few but we believe overall people will be alright with it.”

Fox also expressed his excitement about the MCG landing the AFL Grand Final until 2057 and believes it will be able to put on a great event at the venue over that time.

“It is terrific news we have secured the rights to the Grand Final until 2057. We get the Grand Final and all the entertainment benefits that come with it. It took a year to get done, but we are thrilled to have it locked in.”

The MCG will be busy between now and December with AFL, Cricket and Wrestling all happening at the iconic ground in the coming months.

“It is probably the busiest period we have seen at the MCG for a long time.”


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