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‘There’s just too much of it’: Mark Riddell’s problem with this year’s BBL

Mark Riddell has questioned whether the Big Bash League has reached a saturation point.

The year’s BBL season runs for 59 matches, with the final being played on February 17 – its latest finish ever.

It marks a sharp increase in games, compared to 40 matches during 17/18 and 35 matches in the 16/17 season.

But Riddell said while he would routinely turn on the BBL every night and “get involved” in year’s gone by, he now finds himself leaving it on in the background instead.

“I’m over the Big Bash,” he told Levy and Riddell.

“The season is too long, it needs to go back to the shortened form it started with.

“The market is saturated – from December until now, there’s just so much of it.

“We’re back at work now and it’s still going, it’s too long.”

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